The Gloves of Hope Belgium
We bring people together

Through The Gloves of Hope community, we build valuable and loyal long-term relationships with our partners. With our network, we create opportunities for collaboration around Boxing, Business & Charity with others business partners.

Connecting with other entrepreneurs within The Gloves of Hope community can lead to valuable business relationships for your business in the future.

Our network has been built with solid partners from different areas. Also connect your customers and members by associating the valuable image of your company/activity with The Gloves of Hope missions.

Visibility for your business through The Gloves of Hope community and through our ambassadors, including World and Olympic champions, as well as Namibia Flores the Pioneer and symbol of the women’s boxing movement “Our right to fight”. Both in Belgium and in Cuba.

Through boxing coaching and workshops, we inspire people to become a better version of themselves.

Boxing is a unique sport that combines self-development and team spirit. Whereas boxing is an individual sport, training happens in group, teaching the boxers how to work together as a team. And as people grow individually strong, they will learn how they can contribute to the team success. We start from the principle: We start with “I” and we end with “Us”.

Boxing is a noble sport where one learns respect for oneself and others, self-control, self-confidence, self-discipline. Values and norms that at a later stage in life can make a big difference for many young people in their social integration. 

Through our activities in Belgium, we support our mission in Cuba.