Future projects


Boxing accompanied and monitored by professionals will provide young people with better chances to succeed later in life. Discipline, self-esteem and the values of the sport will be of crucial importance, as in addition to the sporting element, they will improve the kids’ psychological development. The norms and values taught through the sport will help kids integrate better in society, develop their personalities and contribute to the prosperity of their country.

In 2009 the International Olympic Committee announced that women boxing will be included in the London Olympics in 2012. It is a sport practiced all over the world.

Cuban officials announced on Monday the 5th of December 2022 that women boxers would be able to compete officially after decades of restrictions.  

Therefore it is our desire, together with the Cuban Boxing Federation, to assist in developing boxing infrastructure in the country and to open a boxing school exclusively for women.

women boxing

Providing opportunities, improving living and sporting conditions for kids, women boxing, coaching and practicing boxing on local and national level 

Our missions are followed and documented by one of the best Cuban professional photographers – Judel Linares. We would like our photo stories to show people the difficulties these kids and women face in Cuba. 

We work together with Belgian and foreign organisations, the Cuban embassy in Belgium, the Cuban and Belgian Boxing Federations, Olympic coaches and boxers who became ambassadors of our missions. 

We are currently working on developing this success story in Belgium and later in other countries.

The Gloves of Hope make all this possible by aiding various boxing clubs by providing boxing equipment, by improving existing boxing facilities and by creating acceptable living conditions for all.